Saturday, April 16, 2011

A house that floats.

Matt & I drove about an hour away to the Gold Coast today to visit my Dad on his friend's new houseboat. The friend (Paul) is not much of a boat man, so my experienced boatie Dad (Ross) has stepped in to help Paul choose the right houseboat, to facilitate the sale, and to get things all settled in and spruced up for Paul as he transitions from city life (in St Kilda, Melbourne) to life on a houseboat (in Hope Island, Queensland).

Dad, Matt & I wandered up and down the piers of the marina, peeking at all of the different boats and saying hello to the boat owners we passed. Made all my seafaring yearnings come back! Saw a couple of resident dogs as we wandered and apparently there's even a resident cat in this could work?!

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